About Us

About Us

Ponzi Watch Dog is a privately owned organization with no affiliation to any Ponzi Schemes, we are dedicated to bringing you news on Ponzi schemes and fraudulent investments. We analyze the latest schemes so you can make informed decisions and protect yourself from them. Our goal is to make sure you invest your money where it yields returns. Ponzi Watch Dog has earned a reputation as the leading provider of information on investment schemes that thrive and the ones that don’t to improve the quality of your finance.

We are here to make sure you select the best and most effective platforms to invest your hard end resources in. This site was built with the unsuspecting investor at heart. It serves as a guide and sign post, giving you all the necessary tools to be successful in any scheme you venture into. We provide statistical analysis and evaluations of platforms, the member strength, public acceptance, communication channels, admin responsiveness, site security, realistic plans offered and projections regarding the life span of the chosen program.

At Ponzi Watch Dog:

We are reliable

We have bring you daily news from across the nation at your own convenience

We believe in quality investment opportunities

We are transparent in our analysis

We are a trusted watch dog, we prioritize the safety of your investment.

We are NOT responsible for any losses incurred and as such Not accountable for misguided judgements on the part of the investor.

We have NO affiliation with any Ponzi schemes out there.

We do not place special favours to any platform neither do we collect any form of favours to support a particular program.

All programs listed have been tested and confirmed genuine by us.

All decisions made and provided by us have been put to series of examinations and cross examinations.


Disclaimer: While Ponzi Watch Dog maintains a high level of evaluation, careful and critical analysis using an intensive analytical protocol, there is no denying the fact that Ponzi Schemes carry with them a high level of risk and as such, we implore users to thread these paths cautiously. We wish all intending Investors the best as they embark on their investment journeys.