Crashed Scheme

BTCCLOCK Zoom Off Leaving Participants In Despair!

Are you about to invest in BTCCLOCK?
Waittt! And Read On!

Last week we reviewed to you BTCCLOCK, (click here to read our review on BTCCLOCK)  and before you could pronounce BTCCLOCK within few days, they have zoom off leaving participants in despair!

Dear users!
With deep regret we have to inform you that we’re forced to stop our platform’s activity.
The reason is avalanche-like funds withdrawals because of the coming SegWit.
Until the last moment we have been trying to fulfill the commitments. That has been done at the expense of our trading strategy, but we tried to meet our clients’ needs first of all.
But the today’s crash of the BTC-E exchange has become too strong hit for us, because last time the most of funds were traded there.
But we promise that in the nearest time we’ll create a new project and come back to you.

That was the message they posted on their telegram group after which they deactivated/deleted their accounts in social media not minding how their participants feel for their hard earned invested resources! And they still have the guts to promise a comeback!

Though we commend them for atleast dropping a message behind unlike some of those schemes which disappears without any note but that does not pay for the loss!

Though this is the kind of heart breaking news associated with ponzi schemes after the money have been exhausted in paying uplines and nothing left to pay the recommitted and newbie participants.

Some of their participants embittered as a result of their lost money have this to say;

I lost $2000 today to BTCCLOCK, but no one to blame, it’s my greed!”

I’m not going to blame anyone for this I mean It’s my own responsibility and well looks like life stabbed me in the ass again but at least I learned this was my first and most definitely my last time I’m dealing with unsure businesses”

“Well that explains why my last withdrawal of 2.6 btc didn’t arrive… goddammit that’s a lot of money they took”

Ehyaa! That was painful!

You see, there are lots of lesson to learn from this of which we will analyze to you subsequently but before that, the aim of this post is to urge you to stay away from BTCCLOCK because everything still look normal in their website. An ignorant intending participant may just signup with them and throw his money into a waste bin; one reason every participant in ponzi schemes should follow ponziwatchdog to be on the know…

Ponzi Watch Dog says, BE GUIDED!