Crashed Scheme

Run From GHA!

“Hello everyone,

Nothing is happening to GHA. GHA is not going anywhere.

GHA is in the process of relaunching, so calm down, all activities will soon resume…”

This is always the way ponzi administrators technically bring to your notice that they’ve wind up. They often come with the age long excuse of we’re working on the system, we’re relaunching etc and such excuses are always futile!

GHA as earlier reviewed was launched on the 28th of June and commenced registration and Providing help alongside. GHA came into the ponzi world with a 40% Returns On Investment which you get after 30 days. The admin described this as an approach to ensure the sustainability of the scheme. It is quite pathetic that the approach did not sustain the scheme on the long run.

GHA still have their adverts flying all over the social media calling for participation. Our advice is that you stay away from them and look for viable ventures to invest your money into.

You can go through the investment opportunities on Investment Watch to get inspired on where to invest.

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