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StanbicLife, Another Ponzi Scheme Down The Drain

About 72 hours ago we brought you news on StanbicLife, a ponzi scheme which started on the 28th of August with just last week as the first paydays.  Apparently the admins of this scheme knew what they were doing, they lured in many unsuspected investors , waited for payday and carted away with many people’s money who reinvested based on previous testimonies.

StanbicLife  is definitely a ponzi scam operating undercover on telegram as the scheme scammed hundreds of Nigerians within a short period of time.In just over one week, they had made over 5 million naira from their scam ponzi site by deceiving the unsuspecting public with the promise of 100% return on investment in 8 days.

At first, people got paid, but that as usual is the modus operandi of all ponzi schemes, just to attract more investors before they finally strike. It finally happened yesterday  evening around 4:30pm when after matching they informed that they will be switching to a new  group, however both the new and old group was deleted and their site unresponsive. We tried to reach out to one of  the admins  however and he hasn’t replied messages on his personal chat since.

Although some people were sceptical about StanbicLife at first , however many claimed that it paid them well the first paydays and this has caused heartaches for many investors as of today. Nigeria has recently witnessed a surge in ponzi schemes following the colossal crash of many popular ponzi schemes.

There are no official message from the owners of StanbicLife but we have confirmed that both the website and telegram group has been deleted.

Before its collapse, the scheme promised investors 100% of their investment within eight days. So much for empty promises. Ponzi schemes going belly-up in a shoal is not a proof of authenticity , could indeed be an indicator of a coming crash. So, be aware!