Funding trends

Naija Taxi, A Trend That Pay Members For Sharing Posts On Facebook

NAIJA TAXI is a new transportation company that is open to public participation as affiliate members.

To be an affiliate member on Naija Taxi, you need to make a one time payment of N5000 renewable after 30 days to their administrators account number as provided.

Sounds like ponzi, right? Read on.

Your duty as a Naija Taxi member is basically to share their advert post on Facebook everyday, and per day, you earn N500 for this, and this is cashable when the daily earnings sums up to N5000 in 10 days. They also affirm to give members a Naija Taxi ride worth N5000.

According to them, instead of paying facebook for advertising, they rather pay to affiliate members to help publicize Naija Taxi on their individual Facebook pages.

On our assessment, this is both a company and a scheme; though we wouldn’t hastily tag it a ponzi scheme or a multi level marketing scheme even though they promise the payment of N1000 to a member as a bonus on each referral. I think they should best be referred to as a ‘Funding Trend’.

Though there are proofs of payment and testimonies of the trend flying all over the social media alongside their advert, we are yet to have a handshake with one of such beneficiaries to be sure they are not made up testimonies or a ‘solo benefit’ enjoyed by just their administrators.

If the scheme interests you, ensure you visit Naija Taxi Website and join one of their Whatsapp Groups to survey the trend before you go into participation.​