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Recharge And Get Paid, As Simple As The Name

Perhaps you have lost money in several schemes and seek to invest/participate only in schemes that are eligible and have something concrete to offer.

If so then, you definitely want to hear about Recharge And Get Paid (RAGP).

RAGP just as the name implies, is a platform that pays you for every recharge you make. You can simply recharge your phones directly through VTU for Mtn, Glo, etisalat now 9mobile and airtel lines as well as data purchases. The platform also serves as a payment gateway for cable tv subscriptions (Dstv, Gotv, Startimes)

RAGP, according to them, is registered with CAC and licensed by NCC to carry out Telecoms related businesses.

To be a part of RAGP, you have to be one of their members. They have various categories of membership plans which you are to choose from and complete your registration process;

1) BASIC N5,000 – 20PV you earn  5 levels deep.

2) BRONZE N10,000 – 40PV you earn 6 levels deep.

3) SILVER N20,000 – 80PV you earn 7 levels deep.

4) GOLD N30, 000 – 120PV you earn 8 levels deep.

5) DIAMOND N40,000 – 160PV you earn 9 levels deep.

6) PLATINUM N50,000 – 200PV you earn 10 levels deep.

You can upgrade to the next level by paying the difference and still get 20% of the upgrading value.


1) Instant Registration Bonus 20%.

2) Instant Referral Bonus 20%.

3) Instant Indirect Referral Bonus 10%-1%.

4) Leadership Bonus N100,000

5) Trip to Dubai Worth N500,000 (you can get the cash)

6) Car Worth N2,000,000

7) House Fund Worth N3,000,000

Interesting right?


Visit RAGP website and register with them to start getting paid for your recharges. You can use the word COVENANT in your referral ID field.

You can also join RAGP whatsapp group



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