Ways to Make Your Christmas Enjoyable

We can’t show you how to make this Christmas a white one, but we can show you how you can make some pretty small steps so that this Christmas is extra special.

1. Enjoy the build up
Sometimes the best thing about Christmas is the expectant build up. Don’t let all the little things that make Christmas extra special pass you by in a blur of frantic present wrapping. To make this your best Christmas ever sit back, put your weary over-shopped feet up and take a big sip of your favourite festive mocha – your state of mind and Christmas spirit will thank you for it.

2. Christmas movie night
Everyone has a favourite Christmas movie, so why not invite a few of your friends round or gather up the family and arrange a Christmas movie night? The rules are this: everyone should bring one Christmas movie they love and a Christmas treat. Then you just need to sit back and enjoy It’s A Wonderful Life, Love Actually or, for those more action-packed movie fans.

3 Read a Christmas book
To make this Christmas your best ever you should definitely peruse the Christmas section at your bookstore. Imagine settling back into a comfy chair with a cheeky pre-Christmas drink whilst reading about plucky Tiny Tim in A Christmas Carol or, for those of you who like a more humorous and modern read, Holidays On Ice by David Sedaris. If you often find yourself too frazzled around Christmas to pick up a book try a Christmas poetry anthology; The Oxford Book of Christmas Poems is a great choice.

8 Christmas tradition
The best way to make this your best Christmas ever is to start a new tradition. You could invite your family or friends to each buy a new Christmas decoration for your tree or you could go on a special Christmas eve walk and stop in at a cafe for a Christmas treat. Make your Christmas tradition something that you look forward to and make sure it’s meaningful to you.

10 Get involved
The best way to make sure this is your best Christmas ever is to get involved in all the Christmas activities in your local community. Go ice skating, take part in a Santa run, go to your local carol service, visit the most decorated house in your area or go to a craft fair. Get involved with as much as you possibly can to make sure this Christmas is memorable and meaningful.