BitCoen, The First Jewish Blockchain Ecosystem Launching Tomorrow

BitCoen (abbreviated BEN) is the first official crypto token, business platform and system of services, created for interaction between representatives of the Jewish communities around the world. The sales of the token will start at exactly 2 days which is 28th November 2017.

Meets Jewish law
Independent from other blokchain’s
Impossible to counterfeit
Can not be identified

BitCoen Wallet: The mobile wallet has embedded software that allows to determine the point in a given radius, that accept the cryptocurrency. User does not need to look ahead for shops and places where he can spend points, the program will show these points in real time.

Loyalty Program: Valid for Jewish communities around the world. Paying at retail outlets using BEN, other cryptocurrency or fiat money, you get BitCoen points, which can be spend wherever BitCoen is accepted as payment. Validity of accrued BEN’s isn’t limited. BitCoen loyalty program does not limit the number of accumulated points.

  1. Online and Offline Payment System: Crypto-tool BEN allows you to make purchases, to carry out settlements, pay for services and to donate to charity. An offline and online payment system that is convenient for use of BitCoen in everyday life.

Marketplace and Adverts for Jewish Businesses: Advertising platform BitCoen ADV, that allows the business partners of the system to get new users of their services, attracting them to products within the Market Place, as well as its partners online resources. The specifics of the platform is into the targeting at an audience of the representatives of the Jewish community. In this case, we combine partners of BitCoen into a single ad network through which they can make profit by selling traffic to other partners or customers or get new customers, but without advertising spends.

Anyone can buy the tokens. However, the marketing activity is directed at the Jewish community. It is assumed that 80% BEN will focus in Jewish communities around the world.

BEN project is being developed for the Jewish communities and their members worldwide. You can use this ecosystem in all parts of the globe, where they will take BitCoen. BEN’s can be used to pay tzedakah, and send them to the needs of the synagogue. BENs can be transferred to other persons in the framework of mutual personal or in the form of aid. Geography transfer of tokens is not limited.