Ponzi Review

9JAPURSE IS LAUNCHING ON THE 12th day of August 2017

In a time like this when ponzi schemes are crashing even before they begin, 9japurse is determined to sway people off their feet, have Nigerians heard enough of that? Maybe not.

9JAPURSE admin claim it is a transparent peer to peer platform hinged on mutual trust and utmost sincerity as the scheme is  second to none p2p,  that is a gateway to financial freedom.

What does 9jaPurse offer

5% daily growth on investment  and it will be available for GH from the 7th-10th day.

Packages are 5k 10k 20k 40k 50k 100k and 200k

5% ref bonus

35% in 7days

50% in 10 days

A Breakdown on Your Earnings When you Invest With 9jaPurse

[Invest] [7 Days]. [10 Days]
10k – 13.5k – 15k
20k – 27k – 30k
40k – 54k – 60k
50k – 67.5k – 75k
100k – 135k – 150k
200k – 270k – 300k

Your money stays with you till the 3rd-4th day, before your PH is matched, you get extra 5% of your investment when you make use of the recycle button, on the 7th day you can GH with your 35% profit or leave it till the 10th day and get 50% profit.

Sms notifications when  merged to pay out(Ph),  payment has been confirmed and when merged to recieve (GH).

Will 9jaPurse stand the test of time? We would advise you to calm down on investing on new and upcoming schemes for now ,  instead focus on putting your spare money on paying schemes that have been around for a while .