Ponzi Review

Africash Scheme,

Africash is one of the newest ponzi scheme on the street, word out there is that they are out there to bring financial freedom to there members, but haven’t Nigerians heard enough of that from every new scheme that launches?


Africash Features

Flexible donation… 5k to 250k




20%  will be held back as recommitment


40% of total withheld gh will be released on every 3rd cycle


30% instant commitment fee, 70% matched within 7 days


Gh will be displayed on your dashboard after your 70% is matched n confirmed.

(starting from 48 hours to 120hours…your dashboard timer will tell you the exact time your gh will be matched)


Referal bonus is #500 per referall,  withdrawable at 5k


Email/phone verification


Live support chat

Sms notification when matched to ph or gh


I can’t pay button



Secured server https: (vp cloud hosting)


Unlimited bandwidth


Community forum (chat with who you are paying to)


Launching soon…..





  1. How long does it take for my ph to be matched?

Answer > it takes from 1 -7 days for your full ph to be matched


  1. After paying out when will I gh?

Answer >from 48hours down to 120hours..your dashboard has a timer on it..it will guide you


  1. In the case of fake pop. What should i do?

Answer >flag it and report, it will be solved within 48 hours


  1. What if someone refuse to pay me?

Answer> after his or her time elapse,  you will get a rematch within 24 hours




Africash daily activities before and after launch


Note:: weekly rewards goes to participants with highest chat message

Mondays –8am ->> motivational morning

12pm >> seminar/ fast fingers

6pm  >> mind games


Tuesdays–8am – >> open topics morning

12pm->> jokes (awards for best jokers)

6pm >> quiz bot (reward follows)


Wednesdays–8am->> ladies questions and answer

12pm  >> ladies photo competition

6pm> ladies crush night


Thursdays–8am->> men questions and answer

12pm  >> men photo competition

6pm>> men crush night


Fridays–8am >> jokes with craziest moment talks

12pm>> music playback

6pm> hot seat night (you wouldn’t want to miss it)


Saturdays–8am>> orientations/system growth talks/publicity

12pm>> gif contest (who has the craziest gif)

6pm>> reward night (recognising your activeness)


Saundays–6am.>>..prayer drops

6pm >> invite a friend/lets talk about love