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ammoney.club Fraudulent Work-From-Home Website

The website ammoney.club is a scam or fake being operated by online scammers or cyber criminals. The website ammoney.club claims it offers members the opportunity to earn money for viewing ad units and attracting referrals, but this is only a trick get potential victims to sign-up with them. Once potential victims become members and have reached the $150 payment threshold in order to cash out or receive their money, ammoney.club will ask them to buy fake referrals. If members buy the referrals, the website will charge their credit cards, kick them out of their accounts and disable them. This is when members will know that they have been scammed, when it is too late, because they have done all the work and have realized that they will never get paid. Therefore, online users are asked not to register with the fraudulent website and those who have already registered and working with the website are asked to stop.


Also  amMoney.site, a twin sister of AmMoney.club, claims to pay you in dollars for viewing ad units, but how real is this claim?

We came across this site on Africa’s most popular forum, nairaland, where a user with a username kenniefawole claims that he made $21 on AmMoney.site within 30minutes for viewing ad units, “before tonight I would try and cash out $150 dollars. Check procedure for registration.”

Online users who have used their credit cards on the website are asked to contact their banks for help. They should let their banks know that they have unknowingly used their credit cards on a fraudulent website. Their banks should be able to cancel the fraudulent transactions and refund their money, and may cancel their credit cards and give them a new one to prevent the scammers from continuously charging them.

Again, do not waste your time working for ammoney.club because you will never get paid. Only the scammers responsible for the website will get paid and they will never share the earnings with you although you have done all the work. And, they will steal your money by tricking you into buying fake referrals.