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Beware of Mutual Helpers Ponzi Scheme

It’s possible to earn N10,000 naira every week says  mutual helpers ponzi scheme, they say it is the only member to member payment platform that have come to stay in Nigeria but we absolutely doubt that because just like others they have only scammed people of their hard earned money,

How does Mutual helpers work?

(1) You register on the website with your N10,000 NAIRA READY TO PROVIDE HELP.
(2) They merge you to provide help to a member after your registration lets say in 24hours. That means your N10,000 NAIRA must be ready before you register with them.
(3) After you must have paid and the member confirms your payment, within 24hours, they will merge you to get your own payment (to get help)
(5) After you earn your complete N20,000, you now renew with N10,000 to earn another N20,000
Now, As you pay someone, they merge you to get help in 24hours, if the person pays fast, you remove your N10K and do another provide help WITH N10K and earn another N20K. Now, you have used only N10K to be earning N10K every week. if the members merged to pay you, pays fast, you can even renew two times in a week, thereby making profit of N20k instead of N10k. But even if its N10K profit weekly, its still very nice business.

As all the ponzi schemes are, we don’t trust how legit mutual helpers admin are, they claim to even call you on phone to tell you that you have been merged to get help.  News getting to us now says that some people have disguised themselves as admins to defraud people by telling them to confirm them so they can be matched with three people instead of two. Please do not confirm fall for this scheme called mutual helpers at all.