Ponzi Review

Chain Group Review – A Reliable Escrow Service for Investors?

Chain group is an escrow, they serve as intermediary between investors and investment companies/trade groups.. Each of these companies are great with cryptocurrency exchanges.. There are 7 trade groups (companies) within chain group, each offers their terms of service and daily percentage. Don’t lose a single penny to this hyip, don’t become one of their next victims!

Chain Group is a HYIP or high yield investment program that offers varying ROI (return on investment) based on which plan you select. They have a unique feature which allows you to buy escrow into several other HYIP sites, that we have listed further down in the review.

These are the trade groups and their offers;
1) Dragon foundation offers 0-6% daily profit for 120days and $10 minimum
2) X-bots: offers 0.2-5% daily for 90days, $250 minimum
3) Bitstrong: offers 0.1-5% daily for 100days, $5 minimum
4) CNC: offers 0.1-3% daily for 90days, $5 minimum
5) Cloudshare: offers 0.1-10% daily for 120days $25 minimum
6) TG Thomas: offers 0.1-1.7% daily for 300days, $10 minimum
7) Chain group default: offers 0.2% daily for 500days.. $10 minimum
Important points to keep in mind:

–The owner is anonymous! He has not revealed his name or actual location, which makes us find him highly untrustworthy. All Trading platforms are sketchy or have sketchy admins: You will see a list of groups that you can lend your money to after signing up as they are listed in your dashboard. Visiting their respective websites, you will discover that there really is as little as possible available on these websites about these people. they are basically ANONYMOUS!

–There is NO proof that anyone involved in this site is actually trading cryptocurrency. We believe this is a Ponzi scam.

An online user shared their experience with Chain group, see it below :

‘’It has not been so great. My first lending platform  with chain group closed down after a few months from the time I joined. Maybe it was a ponzi scheme and maybe it wasn’t but the important thing is that it did.’’