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Classic Forum? Wait A Minute!

Have you heard about Classic Forum?

In their words, Classic Forum is a movement for those willing to overcome their fears towards financial greatness. Their platform they say, is of that which would act in the market not only for business success but for the sake of humanitarian and financial empowerment services.

How Classic Forum Works:
Classic Forum have different packages ranging from N5,000, N10,000, N20,000, N50,000, N100,000, N200,000.
When you Create an account, you will need to donate to a fellow member.

After your donation to a fellow classic forum member, wait for confirmation. After confirmation, the system will automatically merge you to receive payment in few hours.

Would you want to participate in Classic  Forum? Wait a minute let’s guide you.

We heard the flying advertisements of Classic Forum and decided to carry out some findings about them so we can help you with our findings and here’s what we found out.

❗Their mode of operation is not clearly stated out, how will you have the option to donate a whooping 100k and even 200k! And it’s not clearly stated out how much you will get in return. It is inadvisable to operate in a system that it’s operation is clouded.

❗Their website and it’s content is not well developed and it will definitely suffer crash in a little traffic.

❗There is no trace or tangibility of it’s pioneers.

❗There is no stated individual who has benefited from IT!

So you see, hence you are not looking for a place to dispose your money, you probably should not go for Classic Forum.

Be Guided!