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Embrius, A New Operational Scheme Promises A 100% Returns & More

If you are looking out for a good scheme to participate in, you will like to hear about Embrius.

Embrius is a recent, passionate and dynamic Peer to Peer Platform of African extraction on a mission to bring smiles to people’s faces. Their scheme is well thought out with an approach that will ensure sustainability.

This is how Embrius works;

– As usual, you first of all Sign up; by filling their registration form with your details as required. You then choose the amount you want to donate to the community and submit, after which your membership card will be sent to you.

– What happens next is that 10% of your donation is matched at instant for you to pay/commit to the system within 24hrs of which if you did not comply, you will be flushed out from the system.

Embrius affirms the allotment of $20,000 fund to members after registration.

– After passing the part payment test of paying the 10% which is a cut from your support amount. The system will match you to pay the remaining 90% within 1 – 5 days with duration of 24hrs to comply.

– Your money matures on the 7th day after your donation. . On that 7th day, you are required to recommit and get confirmed After which a cash out button will pop up, click it and you will be eligible to get help.

Your money in Embrius matures at 7 days or 14 days at maximum.

Embrius also affirms to have a secured 75 million naira support fund from international communities, {BORGEN PROJECT FUND, US AIDING PROGRAM} past years through Actionaid and other NGOS to assist Nigeria especially in the north east to reduce poverty rate. We believe this fund, if really true will be used to hold the system from crashing down at least too early.

Embrius have several packages which you are to choose from and participate with them. Their packages are;

Starter Package:- you donate
USD        $10
NGN        ₦5,000
ZAR        R230
EURO        €8
You Earn double of same.

Bronze Package:
In this, your donation attracts a one time registration bonus. this is a new feature for those that joined the scheme and chose this package. You donate,
USD        $20
NGN        ₦10,000
ZAR        R460
EURO        €16
You Earn double of same.

Phantom Package:
This has an award attached to it, (Monthly), also attracts a 10% one time registration bonus.
You donate,
USD        $40
NGN        ₦20,000
ZAR        R920
EURO        €32
You Earn double of same.

Platinum Package:
This has an award (Laptop) for the best three participant every month. One time registration bonus of 10% also.
You donate,
USD        $100
NGN        ₦50,000
ZAR        R2300
EURO        €64
You Earn double of same.

Business Class Package:
Participants of this package receive a Brand New Motorcycle: Best three participant.
You donate,
USD        $200
NGN        ₦100,000
ZAR        R4600
EURO        €128
You Earn double of same.

Embrius is well developed and organized, and we hope the scheme survives the test of time!

You can register with Embrius. You can also join Embrius telegram group.