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FaithfulDonors Grow Your Money By 20% In 21 Days

FaithfulDonors is a community where members help each other grow their money by 20% every three weeks. There is no central account where members money flow into. All transactions move from one member to another member. Faithfuldonors started in May 2017. Now the question is faithfuldonors here to stay? FaithfulDonors stated that they are not a bank and do not intend to be one even in the future rather they are a community where participants help each other grow financially.



How It Works

First you register and provide help. You can Provide Help of any amount from ₦10,000 to ₦1,500,000. You will be matched with another member who has qualified to Receive Help. Once you’ve been matched, you are given a maximum of 48 hours to make payment to the person(s). Once the payment is confirmed, your money will grow by 20% within 21 days. If you Provided Help of ₦100,000, for instance, 21 days after you qualify to receive help of ₦120,000.


Here are the summary of their bonuses:

Referral Bonus 5%

Leaders Bonus 5%


Ready to grow your money? You can join them on Telegram to learn more and to have all your questions about Faithful Donors answered