Ponzi Review

Global Financial Support Steps Into The Ponzi World With 60% ROI On Cash & 70% On Btc

A new ponzi scheme entered the ponzi world this August, it is called, Global Financial Aid.

Global Financial Support according to them, is a Non-Governmental Organisation and partners with other bodies, the deficit created by the system is been replaced by their partners. They function with the ideology of making everybody all around the world to be financial free and independent.

This is how Global Financial Support operates;

You first of all complete your registration process, after which you proceed to provide help. Minimum Provide Help (PH) from 20$ to maximum of 10,000$ (in multiple of 10$) in Bitcoin and it’s equivalent Local Currency.

Growth starts immediately you offer to Provide Help. Participants will get up to 60% in Local Currency and 70% in Bitcoin in 30 days.

Global Financial Support uses both Local Currency and Bitcoin as medium of transaction between participants. They offer a 5% speed bonus when you comply to payment/confirmation within 10hrs and also a 10% referral bonus for inviting new participants.

There are no guiders/sponsors in the system and according to Global Financial Support, their system is built to last FOREVER!

So, would you like to be part of their success story, visit Global Financial Support’s website here.