Ponzi Review

Merit Profit is currently paying Members Like Santa

Are you a ponzi addict or newbie and are looking for a paying scheme? Well, Merit Profit is paying it’s members. This scheme was launched on the 20th of June, the owners of this scheme say it is not a bank or get rich quick community, rather they are an international social helping community that creates a robust platform which helps millions of participants to connect those who NEED HELP and those who are ready to PROVIDE HELP. This scheme accepts both Naira and Bitcoin.

FEATURES of Merit Profit

Participants get 100% ROI in 10days + principal (10% daily).

Dedicated server

SSL Security (commodo verified & HTTPS) well secured.

Email verification

Email notification when a participant is merged.

Active Support system

This scheme is very unique in the sense that participants don’t have to wait to be confirmed before their money begins to grow. Your money begins to grow from the moment you make a Provide Help request and there is no locking period as withdrawal can be made from the moment your payment is confirmed.


Minimum amount of PH in bitcoin: 0.005btc and maximum 0.05btc
Minimum amount of PH in Naira: NGN5000 and maximum NGN50000.

Referral bonus: Members get 5% referral bonus.

Recommitment : Recommitment is very essential as it is to achieve a sustainable platform. All participants must recommit.To receive full profit + principal, you must recommit immediately after requesting to GH (Get Help).

Multiple pH is allowed on merit profit with maximum of 2 at a time. However multiple PH does not count as a recommitment. Each PH must be recommited for immediately after getting help. You have to understand that you cannot recommit before gh, you get help before recommiting. So if you have 2 PHs in the system, note that the second pH is not your recomitment.Your recommitment most not be 50% of your precious PH you can recommit with larger amount.

Merit Profit telegram group has about 3000 members and most have positive testimonies even after one month of running.