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MICRO FUND RAISE Promises A Mouth Watering Returns

If you are good with marketing/bringing new participants into a scheme, there is an operational Multi Level Marketing scheme you may want to hear about, MICRO FUND RAISE.

MICRO FUND RAISE, according to them is a highly rewarding system with over 10 years in Multi Level Marketing, giving you huge turnover for your investment.

The scheme has different packages you can choose from and participate with them upon registration. You are allowed and can participate in more than one package, depending on your marketing abilities. This is how MICRO FUND RAISE works;

– Upon registration, choose one or more packages you desire to operate

– Proceed to fill in your Personal, Account and Bank Information

– Make payment to your upliner

With this, you are now part of MICRO FUND RAISE!

BUT! the truth we need to tell you is that this type of scheme, you don’t just register, make payment and sit on an arm chair waiting for your turnover. You should be ready and good at bringing in downliners cos they are the ones to fund your matrix financial inflow, the system will not or at least hardly does!

MICRO FUND RAISE have 8 packages. The packages consists of;

Starter where you Pay $5 and earn total of $34

Combo you Pay $15 and earn total $160

Classic you Pay $60 and earn total of $2250

Elite you Pay $125 and earn total $4321

Advance you Pay $280 and earn total $11680

Professional you Pay $800 and earn total $79600

Ambassador you Pay $1000 and earn total $96400

President you Pay $2500 and earn total $239600.

Amazing! Right?

So, would you like to be part of Micro Fund Raise?

Read more about them here. You can also join their whatsapp group.