Ponzi Review

Newly Ponzi Scheme, Does WorldPay Really Pay

World Pay Ponzi scheme launched  on the 28th of september by 12pm



About Worldpay

Worldpay aim is to create a platform grounded in our core belief; trust, sincerity, patience and dedication in the peer to peer community. Its aim is to build a community governed by principles and value of love as a family. We believe we can achieve great financial freedom as we imbibe our core value which will lead to selfless giving and helping each other.


How it works


First, the platform roi is 50% within 5 days

  1. Create an account via registration through:

(i ) facebook: by opening the site address, you select the option to register via your facebook login details and the page will open for you to input your correct information.


(ii ) referal link: you access the site via an admin or existing participant link, and you input correct information as there may not be room for edition, please note.


2. You will be required to verify your email and phone number with the otp sent to your phone( pls don’t panic or cause confusion in the group if you don’t get it on time due to network, kindly pm any admin).


3. After verification of your email and phone number, on your dashboard you will be required to pay an activation/default fee of #1,000 and upload pop, this will activate your ph button and count down to gh once admin verify and activate your account.



4. Once your account is activated by the admin, you can select any of the package #5,000, #10,000, #20,000, #50,000 and #100,000. Once you select your package by clicking the amount… Your gh timer will start counting.


5. There will be 20% down payment and after confirmation, 80% will be matched before your gh timer elapse… The circle of ph to gh is 5days


  1. Once your payment is complete do wait patiently for your time as you will get matched to gh 130% as the system will hold back just 20% as recommitment, which will be accessible in your next gh. And this circle will continue..


Please do note that all this process will happen within 5 days with all things being equal.


  1. Referral bonus is 5% this is to encourage all to invite prospects and get paid.. This referal bonus is cashable when it’s up to #20,000.


This will be paid by the admin to show transperency, and for the stability and sustainability of the platform, the #1,000 activation/ default fee will be used to pay this referal bonus, this is to make sure that the participants fund in the system will not be depleted, thereby leading to the longetivity of the life span of the site..


Admins claim that all who joins worldpay get paid.! We all know eventually how that turns out right?

Check worldpay channel for updates