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Sudox another New ponzi Scheme

A ponzi scheme sudox has just emerged with the ROI of  100% profits in 6 days. The home page information says the scheme was launched on 13th March 2018.

 Sudox is said to be an online Community where people are helping each other Financially Directly with No Third Parties Involved.! Isn’t this the trademark of every ponzi scheme that finally folds up.  

Until we educate ourselves fully about ponzi schemes , Nigerians keep losing their hard-earned money.

Ponzi is not a business but more of a gamble, so users are always advice to play safe, as it cans either makes you rich or lose all your life savings

It will be recall mmm was the first ponzi scheme that really got the attention of millions of Nigerians and since then a lot of people has turned to as ponzi as a game

Tips to spot a Ponzi scheme:

  • The promoter promises high returns, which could not be achieved through normal conventional investment opportunities, within a short period.
  • In some cases the promoter will use fake qualifications or references to entice investors for example, an ‘attorney’ with ‘many years’ experience in the stock market’.
  • Often high returns are paid initially and then investors are lured into investing even more money.
  • They often promise guaranteed returns –no return is ever guaranteed, all investments carry some risk.
  • Promoters are usually quite secretive about the actual business model.
  • The promoter becomes unavailable and returns dry up.
  • Usually the scheme collapses soon thereafter.

In recent times, Nigerians have varied experiences to narrate on this matter. While a few testify to the benefits derived from the scheme, the majority are lamenting, because they were left high and dry. “Many have fallen victim. These schemes have impoverished more people than they claim to have helped.  You will think that Nigerians would be fed up with the various Ponzi schemes, but no! Apparently these scammers are feeding on the greed of the people and the poor economic situation, to lure more victims.


Don’t fall for these schemes,  if you eventually decide to invest in sudox.  I advice that you thread carefully.