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Treasure Earners, Launched 5th August & Determined To Survive The Test Of Time

Treasure Earners is a new platform which was launched on the 5th of August, 2017.

So, you see the system is fresh and still calling on active participation with them. There is no case of fraud heard of them yet and probably will be none. If you are among those, who like to join a scheme at the inception, you may like to hear how Treasure Earners operate.

This is How Treasure Earners operates;

As usual, you complete your registration process, then you proceed to specify the amount you intend investing in the scheme, in Treasure Earners, it is called ‘Give Treasure’.

You will be matched to pay 20% of the Treasure you intend to give immediately, while you will be matched to give the remaining 80% before the end of 20days. At the end of 20days, you are eligible to Receive Treasure of 60% growth on your invested money.

In Treasure Earners, participants earn additional 5% from their direct referrals while managers earn 5% from their direct referrals, 2% from their second level and 1% from their third level. A Participant can become a manager when s/he grows up to 50 active downliners.

Cashable referral bonus is 50% of Give Treasure (GT) capped at 200,000

Treasure earners is new, fresh and their system is Okay as at the time of this writing. Feel free to participate with them.

You can visit their website here!