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Trippleng Telegram group goes off the Grid

Just few days ago, we brought you news on Trippneng and how they were paying their members and has earlier stated no ponzi scheme lasts forever as most of it are at the mercy of the admins who sometimes are fraudsters. There have been a whole host of new Ponzi schemes that have hit the market recently, claiming they will receive double returns within short time frames. I had been following TrippleNg closely, a new ponzi scheme  that sprouted from out of nowhere 13th July. We were surprised by how many people were legitimately “investing” in it and how they continued paying their members until yesterday.  Then yesterday, lo behold, the telegram group disappeared along with its so called supportive admin. It seems that those running TrippleNg  took their profits and ran, leaving members with no tell-tale signs or red flags.

Due to the way they are designed,  most Ponzi schemes are created to be around for a short span of time. They can last for as short a time as a week, or even less. In rare cases, some Ponzi schemes can survive for 2 or more years. It is important to understand that no one knows how long a Ponzi scheme is going to be around. Some people believe that when they participate in a Ponzi scheme while it’s still new, they will have a good chance of success. That’s a mistaken belief as a scheme can stop paying out within a few days or weeks.  Nigeria is now filled with Ponzi schemes that are operated by skilled con artists who exploit people’s greed by promising them get rich quick schemes. Unfortunately, by design, the schemes are not sustainable. They aim to attract as many people as possible so that insane amount of money can be generated for the scammers. When the scammers feel they have made enough killing, they stop paying out investors and disappear with the loot, leaving the majority of investors penniless and in agony. After disappearing, they will open another website and promote a new Ponzi scheme.