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Btd Investment Recovery Period, Would Investors Smile ?

BTD  Investment Platform was once a place where you can put your money and go to bed. having a strong assurance that your money is safe, however since March 2017 there has been a lot of challenges that led investors money stock in the recovery period. BTD investment is set on a mission to build the Nigerian and African economies by actively providing opportunities for its people to empower themselves and providing the backbone needed to make businesses into global brands. This however has not been so since the beginning of the recovery period as many had millions stuck there.

The recovery period which started on the 1st of June 2017 is ending 30TH of June. According to BTD Investment, ‘’the 1st half of the recovery period so far has been tasking, rewarding and the markets has been highly eventful, but so far we are grateful to God for his grace and strength and to you for your patience, suggestions and encouraging support, it’s overwhelming.’’

What Happens At The End Of The Recovery?
Btd investment stated that they never want to be pushed into a recovery period at any other time in future, so the entire team have been contributing to new policies guiding the investment management and operations from the stance of sustainability which is intended to be in effect from January 1st, 2018. These new policies would detail the areas of investments, withdrawals, internal asset allocation and every other areas.

Here was the recent mail sent by Btd investment to their investors ‘’As we make a final approach to the end of the recovery period, we would like to inform you that a final update on the recovery period which includes all performance reports and policies guiding the post-recovery activities of the futures and options traded fund offered by BTD IFS would be released on Monday 27th of November 2017. ‘’

Is there a ray of hope for investors, we will know by 1st of December 2017.