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Participants of BitClub Advantage Raises Alarm Over Inability to Withdraw

Participants of Bitclub Advantage saw no reason to be concerned about the authenticity of the scheme, not until they were denied withdrawal from the system.

First, it was the case of frozen bonuses, then the issue of inactive withdrawal and transfer button; people never learn.

I mentioned in my previous publication that, schemes like this, which parade themselves as legitimate businesses are nothing but a ponzi scheme in the clothing of legitimate business ventures. To get many interested, they pay out high and regular returns in an effort to lure new ‘investors’ into participation.

Although, on the course of verifying the present state of the scheme, some participants remarked that withdrawal is now active, yet in your best interest, it is not advisable that you go into ventures like this. There are many investment and business ventures out there that are legitimate and will guarantee your adventure in the investment world; look out for them and also meet your financial coach for advice before putting in your hard earned money.

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Like I pointed out on my previous publication on BitClub Advantage, figuring investment schemes and platforms with fraudulent traces are not far fetched, if only intending participants can be wise and patient enough to look before they leap.

Though investment comes with risk factors, but not the risk of clearly jumping into a hole in the case of ventures like this. Besides, true investments are not ‘get rich quick’ schemes.

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