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Say no to Ponzi Schemes In 2018, Invest Wisely

Dear Investor, 2018 is a year to stay away from Ponzi Schemes. Get creative with your money and stop running after hyip that would swallow up your hard earned money with no ROI. Ponzi scheme is any platform where you’re required to donate, pledge or give some amount of money to get huge percentage in return.

These schemes will tell you there’s no central account, in fact they’ll require you to send your donations or pledge to another participant’s account to create the illusion that the owners of ponzi schemes are not gaining much money. This is a fat lie, Ponzi scheme owners gain a lot of money to themselves out of the total transactions made on their website while they share the remaining money to the early registered members systematically, so as to use it as testimonies to bring in new ignorant members.

They may tell you not to bring downlines as a way of playing on your intelligence, they know you’ll definitely introduce people to it so as to quickly get back your money. Most of these ponzi schemes don’t last more than 2 months and only the early registered members gain from it because mathematically, its not sustainable.

The truth is virtually every ponzi scheme we have seen bears hallmarks of fraud. We are issuing this alert to warn investors nationwide to stay away from ponzi schemes . If you have already put money into one then:

Do not send more, even if the program appears to be paying “interest.”Do not refer others to it in an effort to garner referral fees—doing so only helps professional con criminals commit fraud and draws you into the scheme.

Do not try to “ride the Ponzi” by attempting to get in and get out before the scheme collapses. If you do, you could end up losing all.