Bitcoin Slopes Back to $10,000 Just After Hitting $11,000

Bitcoin BTC/USD is trading at the level of 10352. Cryptocurrency continues to move within the bullish trend. At this point, it is expected that Bitcoin corrects to the support area at 10,000. Further, the rebound and the continuation of BTC/USD growth above the level of 11850.

What You Should Know About BITCOIN

A strong signal in favor of the growth of the cryptocurrency will come from the support line test on the Stochastic indicator. The conservative area for buy is near the level of 9000. The abolition of the Bitcoin growth option will be a breakdown of the level of the lower moving average and the closing below 8300, which will indicate the continued decline in the cryptocurrency and the likely change in the trend in favor of the downside.

Bitcoin (BTC/USD) forecast for today November 30, 2017 according to coindesk, assumes a test of the support level near 10,000 and continuation of growth in the area above the level of 11850, an additional signal for the growth of the Bitcoin rate will be the test of the bullish trend line on the indicator Stochastic.

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