StanbicLife First Paydays, Are They Here To Stay

Perhaps you have heard of the latest ponzi scheme with 100% roi in 8 days- StanbicLife.  This ponzi scheme launched on the 28th of July 2017 and last week was a payout for many of their members as alert has been going on and off the telegram group.

Here is a breakdown of Stanbiclife Features

100% roi in 8 days with recommitment policy of same amount of last ph or higher

20% downtime payment for first timers to eliminate fake account

Everyday growth of 12.5%

Money withdrawable anytime

Active admins

Email and phone number verification

Active support

Ssl security

Unlimited bandwidth

5% speed bonus withdrawable at 30k

5% referal bonus withdrawable at 30k

10% deduction for default of downline from referal gh

No registration without referal link

Pop upload

Display of wallet balance on dashboard

No locking period you can cash out at will

Rematch is automatic

Participants are required to recomit same amount of ph or higher before they can get help.. System wil. Match 50% of the ph to be paid under 24hrs before get help wil be released

Packages available are:10k,20k,50k and 100k

‘Here is what stanbiclife has to say to their members just after a week of launching: To our dear Esteemed participants. It’s been  an eventful first week… As we successfully graced our first 8 days with lots of alert falling on our faithful participants.  However the paid donation request continues to grow at a geometric progression… Which places the system at a very healthy status. We beckon on our participants who are clamoring to pay out their recommitment to be patient…. Your recomittment will be matched based on available get help in the system.The system is gradually balancing  and normalizing following the numerous get help by our participants evidenced by the incessant testimonies you witness on the telegram groups and testimonials page. THESE THEREFORE TRANSLATES TO MEAN THAT YOUR PAID DONATION FOR 20% COMMITMENT WIL BE MATCHED BETWEEN 4 DAYS AND 5 TO 7 DAYS FOR 80% RESPECTIVELY WITH RECOMMITMENT COMING ON THE 8TH DAY OR WHEN GET HELP IS AVAILABLE.  Stanbiclife Wil continue to remain the harbor of TRANSPARENCY, FAMILY, TRUST AND WEALTH.  We have come these far, we have worked hard to achieve these status.All participants are encouraged to protect the interest of Stanbiclife.’

Is this to say we support you investing your money in stanbiclife? No, as that is up to you. However don’t bite more than you can chew.